About Us

We are a company that provides professional mobile grooming, bathing, hairdressing, deep dental cleaning for dogs and sale of puppy services in Florida, Miami.

How we do it

As a company we intend to improve the quality of life of our pets through grooming, maintenance and training with the purpose of contributing as an organization to the importance of this responsibility.

Our History

Honey pets began with a pet that her mother gave her daughter where she saw a business opportunity with the babies they had and began to sell her puppies and have more puppies to offer a pet to the family and make them happy, having this opportunity I go that could expand in the care and well being of the pets of its clients and offered them baths, haircuts and daycare in its first location where clients left their puppies, having a greater vision to attract clients, she decided to reach the homes of each client to offer them the service and I create the first groomer van and it grew every year.

About Us